Scholarships and fellowships

Scholarships for Incoming Students

Competitive tuition-based scholarships are awarded depending on available funding. No separate application is required in order to be considered for scholarships.

Scholarships for Current Students

Competitive tuition-based scholarships are awarded on a semester-by-semester basis to current students.


Each semester students are encouraged to submit their best research papers for review. Winners are selected and sometimes receive a monetary tuition-based award. Funding is limited and depends on the number and quality of submissions.

Fellowships for International Research Travel

Annual competitive fellowships are awarded to support international research travel. Students can inquire in the Art Department office to obtain an application and additional information.

Fellowships for Internships

Financial support is awarded competitively to students who secure unpaid internships at art museums. Funding is extremely limited.

Stanford-CCNY Humanities Summer Exchange Program