Part-Time faculty

Leah Abraha
Amy Adams
Clarissa Aponte
Krisia Ayala
Meyken Barreto
Anne Bartoc
Petrushka Bazin-Larsen
Caitlin Berndt
Philip Birch
Mathew Brown
Reade Bryan
Justin Campoy
Nathan Catlin
Royal Chen
Sooran Choi
Tyler Coburn
Mia Curran
Pauline Decarmo
Rose Deler
Robert Diamond
Marisol Diaz
Anaïs Duplan
Roberta Dorsett
Jackie Edwards
Geraldine Erman
Lynee Foster
Yvette Francis
Elvis Fuentes
Amy Gartrell
Arnaud Gerspacher
David Gibson
Kate Grokhovsky
Naiomy Guerrero
Martha Guillorn
Marissa Gutierrez-Vicario
Carol Hamilton
Hazel Hankin
Andrew Harrington
Monika Hazut-Uchiyama
Amy Huelsman
Arthur Jones
James Juszczyk
Olivia Kalin
So Hee Koo
Brian LaRossa
Sophia Little
Clarinda MacLow
Luciana Maiorana
Emily Malave
Emily Mangione
Orit Mardkha-Tenzer
Ana Marijanovic
Lois Martin
Randy Matusow
Steve Messner
David Miko
Lora Morgenster
Nikoletta Moschidi
Diana Naccarato
Michael Neumeister
Pilar Newton-Katz
Donald Partyka
Maria *Politarhos
Marcie Revens
Carla Reyes
Katya Rozanova
Farideh Sakhaeifar
Janis Salek
Monique Saunders
Nathan Sensel
Broderick Shoemaker
Jasmine Soltani
Mary Sweeney
Gail Tauber
Saray Vazquez
Pedro Vintimilla
Michele Washington
Amy Young
Natalia Zubko

Welcome new & returning CCNY Art students:

Fall classes have officially started.

For advisement please email Art Department Academic Advisor Martha Guillorn at . Advising sessions are available in both remote and in person sessions. Please include your EMPLID and concentration/major in your email.

For general Art Department inquiries email or call 212-650-7420.

Art Department Faculty & Staff emails can be found here & here.

Reminder: It is critical that you use your CCNY email accounts to receive instructions from your professors, CCNY and CUNY.  Please also check your courses on Blackboard; announcements from individual professors may be posted there or sent to your CCNY email account.

Stay safe & welcome back!

(Updated 8/25/22)


CCNY is closely monitoring reports involving COVID-19 and any implications for the campus community.

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Congratulations to the class of 2022. We celebrate you!