BA in Art Digital Design Option

The Digital Design concentration offers art students the opportunity of working in a range of digital media that includes: graphic design for print and electronic publications; imaging and illustration; web development and programming; video; 2D animation; 3D modeling and animation. These media courses are taken after students complete department foundation requirements in design. Students in Digital Design work on technical and creative projects in print- and screen-based media and focus on conceptualization, visual problem-solving, and production skills to build a professional design/media portfolio. Digital Design students also take art history courses. Students electing the Digital Design Concentration will choose 9 credits of coursework from a range of elective courses, 9 credits of 30000-level EDM electives, plus the 3 credit EDM capstone course (ART 49590 Digital Design Portfolio). Depending on the courses selected, students may also need to complete foundational coursework (ART 29500 Typography 1, ART 29510 Graphic Design Concepts, ART 29520 Illustration and/or ART 29526 2D Imaging) that is prerequisite to some of the 3/30000-level EDM courses. See the Advising/Grad Check Sheet for more detail. 


Department Core

These courses must be taken as prerequisites before taking additional Art courses:

  • 3 credits each | 9 credits total
  • ART 10000: Intro to the Visual Arts of the World (Core Credit)
  • ART 10100: 2D Design
  • ART 21000: Writing About Art (Core Credit) 

Total Core Credits: 9


Art History Course Requirements(12 credits):

    • choose ART 21067 History of Design or ART 21068 History of Graphic Design PLUS one course from Group I and two courses from Group II
    • Group I: Visual Arts of the Ancient to Early Modern Worlds
    • Options include: 21012: Egyptian Art and Architecture, 21014: Greek and Roman Art, 21022: Romanesque and Gothic Art, 21024: Italian Renaissance Art and Architecture, 21025: Northern Renaissance Art, 21026: Baroque and Rococo Art in Europe, 21043: Ancient Art of Meso-America, the Andes, and the Caribbean, 21052: Islamic Art, 21053: Art of India and Southeast Asia, 21054: Art of China, Japan, and Korea, 21062: History of Art I, 31116: Artists of Royal India
    • Group II: Visual Arts of the Modern World
    • Options include: 21030: Nineteenth Century Art in Europe, 21032: American Art 1776-1900, 21036: Early Modern Art in Europe and the U.S., 21038: Postwar Art in the U.S. and Europe, 21044: Art of Native North America, 21067: History of Design, 21068: History of Graphic Design, 21069: Art Criticism, 21070: Topics in “Outsider” Art, 31012: Arts of Africa, 31013: Contemporary Arts of Africa, 31030: Modern Art in Latin America, 31031: Modern Mexican Art, 31032: Contemporary Art in Latin America, 31034: History of Photography, 31038: Art Since 1980, 31111: Asian Art Since 1900, 31106: Identity Issues in Modern Art, 31118: Themes and Methods of African Arts, 31509: Display in African Arts, 31570: “Outsider” Art Environments 

Choose one 2D Course:

    • 3 credits each | 3 credits total
    • ART 10200: Introduction to Drawing
    • ART 10300: Introduction to Printmaking
    • ART 10400: Introduction to Photography
    • ART 10500: Introduction to Painting

Choose one 3D Course:

    • 3 credits each | 3 credits total
    • ART 10600: Introduction to Sculpture
    • ART 10700: Introduction to Ceramic Design
    • ART 10800: Introduction to Wood Design
    • ART 10900: 3D Design 
    • Choose three Studio Art or EDM electives (9 credits)
    • Choose three EDM electives at the 30000-level or above, with prerequisites (9 credits)
    • Take ART 49590 Digital Design Portfolio (3 credits) 

Total Art Credits: 42

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